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    Entum Hotel

    The smartest and newest hotel in town at research time, Entum is set atop a hill, overlooking the city and just off the highway. All rooms have wood floors, tasteful wallpaper and flat screens; deluxe versions come with a separate living area and a king-sized bed.

  • Khovd Hotel – Ховд зочид буудал

    Ховд аймгийн нэрийн хуудас болсон тус буудал нь 55 жилийн өмнө улсын төсвийн хөрөнгө оруулалтаар сүндэрлэн босч үүд хаалгаа нээж байсан түүхтэй юм. Ажиллахгүй удсан энэхүү буудлын барилга нь хуучирч элэгдэж гадаад дотоод өнгө үзэмж нь муудсан байсан бол одоо Ховд зочид буудал дахин шинээр үүд хаалгаа нээж үйлчлүүлэгч та Read more [...]

  • Fairfield Guesthouse in Tsetserleg

    Fairfield Guesthouse is located in Tsetserleg, in the beautiful province of Arkhangai. We cater particularly to adventure travelers who are looking for a little more comfort after their strenuous travel in the wilds of Mongolia. We at Fairfield aim to provide a small oasis of comfort, high standards, and service Read more [...]

  • Ikh Khorum Hotel in Kharkhorin

    Ikh Khorum Hotel is built on the foundations of the most important city of this ancient, bygone Empire, and we would like to welcome guests to our hotel, our table, and our home. Our Hotel is conveniently located 500 meters from Erdene Zuu Monastery and offers numerous deluxe rooms, a Read more [...]

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